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IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering

The function of Requirements Engineering in the development process is to identify the requirements for a system, to document and check them, and to administer them throughout the whole life-cycle.
Many other disciplines depend on the results of Requirements Engineering. If these results are erroneous, a common consequence can be cost overrun or missing deadlines of the respective projects, or even project failure. [more …]

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RE@Agile Primer

The RE@Agile Primer imparts of how Requirements Engineering methods and techniques can advantageously be applied in agile development processes, and how techniques from the agile approach can improve the RE practice. The curriculum of the RE@Agile Primer is laid out to be taught for a 1-2 days training course, but self-study is possible as well.

IREB® RE@Agile is offered as:

  • proctored certification exam about 22 questions, 40 minutes. A certificate will be awarded to successful candidates.
  • self-assessment on the IREB website about 16 questions, 30 minutes, The reached percentage of the total number of points will be presented at the end. This test is free of charge.

There are no prerequisites for the RE@Agile Primer!

iSAQB Certified Professional for Software Architecture

Software architects have to implement complex functional and technical requirements for IT systems and configure these systems flexible and expandable through clear structures.
The training for the iSAQB Certified Professional for Software Architecture comprises all topics a specialist for software architecture needs to know. The training modules deal with tasks, methods, techniques, and technologies for the development of software architectures. Participants get to know all aspects that are vital for software architects. Besides technological factors, organizational and social factors are covered. The tasks of a specialist in software architecture are extensively conveyed. [more…]

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